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My First Yoga Video is Online!

Well, 3rd time's a charm. I say that with a distinct lack of confidence but a heapload of intention and positive energy. Video is challenging in so many ways.

Here's a recap:

> Sunday, March 15th - With an awareness of impending closures and social distancing measures, I decided to get about something I've been meaning to do for a while - online classes. With a lot of energy in wanting it done, but very little enthusiasm for the process, I set up an area with appropriate lighting and space and a gorgeous golf course backdrop in a family member's home in Florida (we were traveling), and decided to get to it. After recording an entire 45-minute practice, I realized my phone had run out of space after 10.

> Tuesday, March 17th - Monday was my birthday and a travel day back home so I was now really feeling the imperative to get some content online for my students. I set up a space in my home and figured out how to use my laptop to record. After teaching a whole class, I noticed that I'd never pressed "Record." I took the dogs for a long walk.

> Tuesday, March 17th - Still with no content to show for the amount of work that had been put in, I decided to try again. The mistake was simple and the furniture was already moved. While I still have some volume issues on this 3rd run, I'm uploading this one just to keep the energies moving in a positive direction. You can find it HERE.

Isn't this pretty? I'm still trying to figure out if any of the 10 minutes that recorded are salvageable but I wish I could do all my classes there!

Bear with me as I navigate lighting, sound, video quality, file size, and online shenanigans. I've decided to seize this new opportunity and learn a whole new venue for sharing my teaching - another layer of vulnerability and connection.

This space:

I've also decided that I have more to communicate than just what is shared via video. This blog space will be used to share yoga tidbits, wisdom, and practices going forward.

Be well. Namaste.

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