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Essential Yoga

My favorite basic reference for a well-rounded home practice.

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Mudras for Healing and Transformation

The most complete mudra book I have found - approachable and engaging.

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Beginner's Guide to Meditation

This is definitely the place to start! A must read for the beginner.

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The Science of Yoga

An eye-opening look at the science behind the claims.

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Yoga Jellies

Worth the price if you need extra wrist or knee support to practice comfortably.

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Yoga Blanket

Great price for a highly reviewed blanket in unique color combinations.

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Travel Yoga Mat

Fits so nicely in my little suitcase - yoga to go!


My choice for quality and price. Firm, substantial, and durable with a washable cover.

*(FYI: these are affiliate links and I do get a small commission if you order using these links. I am personally familiar with all books/products and only recommend in good faith.)

Most Recently Added Videos

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Hip opening, core strengthening slow-flow Hatha yoga class

Focused on proper alignment, this series supports optimal hip joint health as well as core strength.

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Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga- shoulder/back strengthening, heart opening

This chair yoga practice focuses on strengthening the muscles of the shoulders and upper back to improve posture and support the spine.

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Settling the Nervous and Endocrine Systems Using Mudra and Pranayama

This brief session guides kalesvara mudra in conjunction with ujjayi breath (pranayama) for settling the nervous and endocrine systems in times of anxiety or stress.

PLEASE NOTE: Consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other, exercise program. The guidance in these videos is never a substitute for professional medical advice.

Your body is the ultimate guide for your practice and your needs change every time you come to the mat. Be aware of what feels appropriate and what doesn't for your body today. If a movement or shape doesn't feel good, please discontinue immediately.